Thursday, April 5, 2007

This foney broad

Who in the hell....... Hell.... to.... the.... naw!!!! What in the hell is wrong wit these hoes man? What SUPER retarded, fresh off the short bus, I used to be a crackhead ass broad asked this fluzy to piss in her drink. This is the type of shit that I be talking about. What would make 1 grown ass "woman" ask another grown ass "woman" some shit like that. I (for once in my life) am at a loss for words. I mean this new york shit is getting out of hand. I mean that is some nasty, trifeling, tasteless, disgusting stuff man. Answer me this question though: Why would any self-respecting woman in her "right" mind want to be anything like this girl? That's what I find so hard to believe. Miss Jones shut the tramp down on her show and I knew someone would. She don't never need to run into me nowhere cuz she really ain't gone like what I have to say, and wish the biach would run up cuz I'm from L.A. hoe and from the Jungles to Tha Bity we don't play that shit.........CUM BUCKET ASS BIACHHHHH!!!!!!!

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